Cub Scout Shooting Sports – Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

(you know and Webelos, but it doesn’t fit the reference)

When you ask a Cub Scout what they like about Scouting there is little doubt that shooting sports will be among the favorites.

The National Shooting Sports committee has been working recently to update the Cub Scout shooting sports guidel to add some program elements for our youngest scouts, our Lions. Cub Scout shooting sports programs are managed and operated at the council and district level and this has not changed. What has changed is the addition of program elements for the Lion rank.

These youth can now be recognized for shooting sports for the disciplines of sling shots and archery (BBs is not an approved Lion activity). The Cub Scout shooting sports guide found here spells out the requirements for these cubs as well as others to be able to be recognized for participating in shooting sports and learning the safety requirements of the sport.
While there is not a national recognition emblem for Lions, councils are encouraged to develop a council level appropriate recognition item.

Shooting sports can add excitement to a district or council level camp and we are excited that lions can now get earn recognition for their participation.

For more information about shooting sports visit the shooting sports website at