Covid 19 and the Summer of Fishing 2020

Fishing has become very popular as an outdoor activity where you can socially distance! The Western mountain ranges are full of new fly fishermen and women. Fly fishing equipment has flown off the shelves of the stores to the point the shelves and rod racks are empty. This supply shortage includes rare plants, sewing supplies and fishing equipment.

This surge in fishing popularity has increased the demand for information on BSA fishing programs too! As such, the BSA National Fishing Subcommittee has transitioned many of our resources to online content. This is not the most desirable format; however, considering today’s health concerns, we are responding to today’s needs.

Our premier Instructor course, the Certified Angling Instructor (CAI) Course is now being presented throughout the country by Zoom. The content is the same as the live class but presented through the Zoom online platform.

In addition, we even hosted courses on how to use Zoom! Many CAIs did not know how to comfortably use Zoom and this gave them a chance to ask questions and follow along with an instructor. Thank you, Jim Ridgeway for your work on this project!

We also just released our PowerPoint slides for Fishing Merit Badge. This is a resource for Fishing Merit Badge Counselors to use and teach portions of the merit badge online. We have found that youth, units, and leaders are searching for program that can enhance the youth experience through these difficult times. Thank you, Greg Ogden, Dennis Festerling, Keira Quan, John Thomas and Tom Roberts.

Our next goal to put out Fly Fishing and Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge PowerPoint Slides together as a resource to those Merit Badge Counselors as well.

With the fall fishing season kicking into gear, let’s go out and catch some fish!