COVID-19 and BSA Short-Term Camps/Events Decision Guide

The decision to host all types of programs and events is a local council operational decision. The BSA revised the 2020 long-term camp version of this decision guide to support councils in making local council decisions to host events and short-term camps in a COVID-19 environment. This guidebook resource linked below is a starting point to help guide local council leaders. In addition, council leadership must work in conjunction with local health officials to meet current, regulatory requirements. 

This discussion guide is a resource that should be shared with and utilized by appropriate staff and volunteers who are planning camps and events during the COVID 19 global pandemic. 

The questions represented herein do not constitute an exhaustive list and are a minimum standard when considering conducting a camp/event. For additional resources, visit BSA Outdoor Programs or the National BSA COVID 19 webpages. 

Download a copy of the “COVID-19 and BSA Short-Term Camps/Events Decision Guide” here. For additional resources to support your short-term camps click here.