COPE & Climbing National Subcommittee Reorganized

By Rhonda Wright, National COPE & Climbing Subcommittee Chair

This month an email went out thanking the COPE and Climbing Subcommittee members and Area Advocates in COPE and Climbing for their service. This is on the forefront of restructuring that committee to better serve those of you with COPE and Climbing programs during and after a time of changes in the ways and areas Scouting is delivered.

Rest assured, there will be no break in services available to the COPE and Climbing programs of Scouting. Those committee members and advocates who had assignments or were actively engaged in providing services or programs to regions and councils are still finishing up those assignments. New assignments and re-assignments have already been identified and we are starting the process of having them approved for a seamless transition.

The COPE and Climbing Subcommittee of the National Outdoor Programs and Properties Subcommittee plans to have a few subject matter experts who will call together task forces for needed assignments and then dissolve them after the task force has completed its assignments. We also plan to have service territory advisors who will keep in touch with the COPE and Climbing Program Trainers or a representative or director from Councils that don’t use Program Trainers to assure their needs are being met and questions are being answered.

We hope that you are patient and still well served during this transition.

Meanwhile, be safe on rope,

Yours in Scouting,

Rhonda Wright

COPE and Climbing Subcommittee Chair