When you hear terms like day camp, resident camp and even family camp, you probably think about lots of ways to describe them. One of those descriptions might include NCAP classification.

In January 2020, the BSA announced that effective December 31, 2020, the “Family Camp” NCAP classification will officially be retired. In its place, the BSA will add a new term to the NCAP vernacular, “Short-Term Camp”. This new camp classification is defined as:

Short-Term Camps. A short-term camp is any council-organized overnight camping program, whether one-time or continuing, that is one, two or three nights in length where the council or its agents provide the staffing and program and may provide food services, and includes camps conducted off council properties.  National training courses are subject to the short-term camp requirements, regardless of format.

So, what kind of camps will fall under this new classification? Put simply, all council, district coordinated overnight events that are three nights are less. This includes district camporees, council camporees, Cub Scout/Webelos Family Camps, Order of the Arrow events, training events and more.    

Short-Term camps will have a reduced set of NCAP standards to follow and each camp will be required to have a “Short-Term Camp Administrator”. The short-term camp administrator will be trained to coordinate and support the short-term camp. This training will be available in Fall 2020 and be accessible in multiple, easy to access ways. In addition, there will be a new short-term camp resource book released in Fall 2020 to support volunteers and staff advisers.

The goal of NCAP has always been to ensure safe and quality outdoor programs. The addition of the short-term camp classification, and the subsequent retirement of the family camp classification, will ensure that all our council and district council programs have the support materials and training they need to run top-quality and safe short-term camps.

More information about the short-term camp classification will be released in the coming months, including the short-term camp standards, training, and special webinars to help councils understand this exciting new NCAP program.