Central Region’s Outdoor Conference a huge success!

On January 16 and 23, over 300 Scouters attended the 2021 virtual Central Region Outdoor Program ConferencesRegional Chairman Dan Gille reports attendees from 87 councils participated from all over the country. 

In each conferenceparticipants were able to select from 23 outdoor topics ranging from Conservation & Sustainability, Fishing, Shooting Sports, Aquatics, Cope & Climbing and many more. In addition, attenders had an opportunity to learn more about topics like insurance and camp, disaster recovery at camp, exciting updates from our 4 High Adventure Bases and key lessons learned from operating camps during the pandemic.  The sessions were led by experts from the Central Region, as well representatives from the National Council. Thank you to all the folks who shared their knowledge and expertise. It was truly great to be able to virtually gather some many experts in one place. 

Each day started with 2 key presentations. First, National Vice President of Program Development, Frank Reigelman shared what was new and upcoming across BSA’s programs.  Then, Central Region Commissioner Mike Weber provided updates on the Churchill Project and proposed changes to a national structure that improves communication and service to local councils. Thank you, Frank and Mike, for being a part of the 2 conferences 

Both conferences were organized and presented by the Central Region Outdoor Program Support Committee (CROPS), supported by Central Region Area 3 Director Mike McCarthy and Andrea Watson, Director of Outdoor Program and Properties at the National Council. CROPS chairman, Dan Gille, was the driving force behind these key training opportunities. These events enjoyed a great success thanks to their hard work and the entire CROPS team.