BSA National Historic Trails Programs offer unique opportunities

The Adventure Plan (TAP),, is a guide for Scouting unit leaders to focus Outdoor Adventure as a key element of youth development. With the challenges of virus concerns, masks, social separation, cancelled meetings and events, unit leaders are looking for ways to continue with progression and expansion of personal experiences. One way to expand unit programs is with outings to many National Historic Trail sites. Embedded in the TAP are links that make finding an approved trail very simple.

There are 210 historic trails in the United States, Europe, and Japan that are listed including links for individual researching. Finding a trail has been made easy with several new additions including a Google pushpin map!

All the trails meet the BSA Brand, have genuine historic significance and/or wilderness beauty that will add to the education of members of Scouting and provide the opportunity for physical fitness and outdoor living.

There are several ways to find a trail that is nearby and/or meets the needs of your Scouting unit. After logging into the TAP (see link above) go to the bottom of the page where you will find an internal link for “Historic Trails” and click select!

You can also select “Resources” to obtain the Historic Trails Award Application and then select the link in “Award Requirement”, item #1, Either method provides a listing of available historic trails. At this point, select an individual state/country to begin researching trails. Also, near the top of the page, is a button to “click HERE to Access Historic Trail map views.” By resizing the Google pushpin map, the same listing of trails is available.

Note: the index links send you to a local council web site where contact information is available. The use by Scouting units increases each year. Use this great resource to enjoy the outdoors.


Happy Hiking!