Bring the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles to Life for your Cub Scouts with These New Resources

By: National Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Subcommittee 

From a Cub Scout’s first hike in a local park to the thrill of our High Adventure bases, from our backyard to the backcountry, our outdoor ethics guide us to be responsible outdoor citizens — protecting our natural world for generations to come and being considerate of other visitors. Scouting has a long, proud tradition of conservation service to the nation. How do we maintain our outdoor ethics and preserve that tradition? By heeding the challenge in the Outdoor Code and implementing the principles of Leave No Trace. 

The Cub Scout Outdoor Ethics Initiative workgroup announces several plans you can use to bring the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace easily into your Cub Scout meetings and outings. Check out these links below! 


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Outdoor ethics is not just for youth. Adult volunteers are encouraged to seek training in basic outdoor skills and even take specialized courses to learn Leave No Trace skills. Many councils have Outdoor Ethics advocates who provide leadership to their local units in learning and practicing good outdoor ethics. 

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