Ask Pop: Your BSA Property and Outdoor Program Questions Answered – October 2021

By BSA Outdoor Programs, Local Council Experts and National Subcommittees 

Ask Pop is a new monthly column in the Trail to Adventure Blog focused on answering questions submitted by you! Each month we will highlight a few of the questions submitted. Do you have a question you need answered? Do you have a perplexing challenge you want to ask the larger BSA properties and outdoor program community? Submit your questions to and even if they are not featured in the blog, you will get an answer! 

What’s Pop? “Property and Outdoor Program” of course! 

Q: Is cold weather camping allowed for Cub Scouts? If so, is there a temperature level that defines cold weather?  

A: Cub Scouts can choose to camp in cold weather, definitely! But how cold is too cold really depends on where the Scouts are from, the equipment they have etc. Scouts in Florida likely define too cold differently than Scouts in New York.  

The key is ensuring the Scouts, their families and leaders are prepared to stay warm with the right equipment. Packs might consider: 

  • What experience do our pack members have camping in the cold? 
  • Do they have the right equipment? 
  • Can families participate during the day but then head home in the evening? 

As always, be sure that at least one person has BALOO training (for pack and Webelos/Arrow of Light den coordinated campouts). All adults should be encouraged to take Hazardous Weather training online at  

There are some great resources available to anyone headed outdoors this winter: 

  • BSA Safety Moments