Are you Ready For Your Camp Assessment?

Every year, thousands of trained volunteers from around the country participate in the area assessment of each long-term camp that is operated by, and for the Boy Scouts of America.  Over 450 properties and programs are assessed by area assessment teams each year to make certain that they are meeting the National Camp Accreditation Program (NCAP) standards of operation.  These standards set the minimum requirements that a council must achieve to use the BSA Brand for these camps. 

Camps work hard to gather documents to show they meet these standards.  Knowing who is trained, if you have the approved permits, has the water been tested are just a few of the things that are reviewed.  All this is done to help support councils in delivering Scouting’s outdoor adventures to every Scout coming to camp – ensuring they have a quality camping and outdoor program. 

Camp Directors – are you ready to turn in your Declaration of Readiness?  Due to the fluid nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, camp can submit their Declaration of Readiness 30 days prior to the start of their camping operation.  You should work directly with your Assessment Team Leader to schedule your visit and review paperwork. This year it is even more important to give the team leader all the paperwork you can (via electronic works the best) so that when the actual assessment date comes, the assessment team can clean up any small amount of paperwork and spend the most time seeing the program.

When you submit your Declaration of Readiness, you must include any waivers that you have applied for and received.  Also include the dates that the camp will be operating.  Opening and closing dates have been changing and everyone needs to be flexible.  You do not need to change the Intent to Operate, just inform the Assessment Team Leader of these changes.

Camps will be operating with special COVID-19 processes that everyone is required to do prior to coming into camp.  Camp Directors need to inform the Assessment Team Leader of these processes so that they know what is required, such as medical screening, mask required, gloves, etc.

Applying for a Waiver:

If you cannot meet a standard, and you have a valid reason with an alternative method that that can achieve the same results, you can submit the NCAP Request for Waivers or Variances form No. 430-083.  When submitting the document, attach a letter, signed by the council’s Scout Executive with the reason why you are requesting the waiver.  Please allow 2-3 weeks to receive the decision form the NCAP Committee. 


Check out Circular 14 for any updates