2021 NCAP Area Assessments and COVID-19

The National Camp Accreditation Program Committee and the Boy Scouts of America take the health and safety of all members very seriously. 

We all have been dealing with COVID 19 for the past year, but we ask that NCAP Assessors consider the risks that they will be taking and confer with their physician, if needed, to make their final decision if they should, or should not participate.  If they feel that at this time they should not be part of an assessment, please notify the Area Assessment Lead and their Team Leader of their decision.  Safety is our concern here, please know that if they do choose to opt out of the assessment, we will understand and we will still gladly ask them again to participate.  These are just very difficult times.

The summer of 2021 is looking currently to have many of the camps operating, but at a restricted participation level, and/or with strict guidelines from their county health departments.  The NCAP process needs to be followed to ensure, more than ever before, we have a safe and fun place for the Scouts to enjoy.  To keep the participants of the camps, the staff of the camps, and the assessment teams safe, we may have to change the way we may be doing assessments of the programs. 

Area leadership must do the following:

  • Contact the camp to verify the dates of operation. Please remember that they may not know when they will open.
  • Set a new date for the assessment, if needed.
  • Verify with the Assessment team assigned to the camp to confirm if they will participate on the new date, and to confirm their willingness to participate in the assessment.
  • Assign a new team leader, if necessary, and connect the team leader with the camp director.

Team Leader must do the following:

  • Contact the camp leadership to share contact information by May 1st, if at all possible.
  • Ask the camp to send the Declaration of Readiness directly to the team leader.
  • Ask the camp what their policies are for COVID-19 for the assessment team to comply with
    • No matter what the camp states on masks, all assessment team member must wear masks.
    • What areas, if any, may be off limits to them?
    • What is their visitor policy?
  • Review the Declaration of Readiness and as much paperwork before camp as possible. Eliminate as much time needed to be in camp as possible.
  • Determine what time you can come into camp and organize your team to meet at a different location and arrive at camp at the same time (using social distancing of course)
  • Know that with possibly fewer members on your team the time to do the assessment may be longer than normal
  • Complete the NCAP Scoresheet online within 48 hours of the assessment at: https://scouting.co1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9nmT549t1zlf3zD


Assessment Team Members must do the following:

  • Determine if you are able, and willing to participate in the assessment and notify the Team leader as soon as possible.
  • Help review as much of the standards prior to going to the camp so you can keep the time in camp to a minimum.
  • Be flexible – please do not arrive early or ask to stay late for the safety of everyone.
  • Ask your Team Leader what you need to bring to camp.
  • Bring your medical health history with you.
  • Be ready for a prescreening by the medical team upon your arrival