2021 National Outdoor Conference Highlight: Camp Industry Expert Michael Brandwein Will Present Six Sessions!

The 2021 BSA National Outdoor Conference is less than 3 months away! We are beyond excited about the speakers, exhibitors and networking opportunities that will be available to all who participate. In addition to some of the best BSA volunteers and staff presenting on an incredible variety of topics related to our 3 conference goals (check those out here), we are thrilled to welcome back to the conference, Michael Brandwein.

Michael Brandwein was a Cub Scout in his youth and “blames” Scouting for his interest in training- his first training experience was Den Chief training! Today throughout the camp community, Michael is best known for his practical “use-it-immediately” approach and entertaining and engaging teaching methods.

A past presenter at the National Outdoor Conference, he is excited to be back and part of the program, presenting six elective sessions and networking opportunities. His leadership in camp training has been transformative and you will not want to miss his sessions! His books have been a staple of staff trainings across the BSA. In fact, beginning in 2021 the national camping school camp director section included receiving a copy of one of his bestselling books Super Staff SuperVision which shares practical applications for camp managers.

Below is a snapshot of the six sessions Michael will present throughout both days of the conference on November 5th and 6th.

PUTTING MUSCLE IN THE BSA MISSION: How to Build and Lead an Intentional Program to Produce Real Youth Development

Michael is an internationally acclaimed expert on making youth programs more intentional in immediate, practical ways. He will demonstrate precisely what to do to use our activities and programs to build great qualities and specific character traits in our participants and make lasting differences in their lives. Motivate others by communicating the mission with greater clarity and power. Get beyond just “fun” and use our activities and programs to develop persistence, responsibility, respect, kindness, teamwork, confidence, and more.

GREAT GREETINGS & BEST BEGINNINGS: How to Create a Warm and Welcoming Culture for New & Existing Members

Learn Michael’s nationally famous “WESTI” technique for creating outstanding first impressions and the warmest welcomes. To build diverse and dedicated membership, the environment we build is essential, and you’ll learn exactly how to build the best. Whether it’s the first day of a program or you are welcoming new people into programs that have already started, you will use these methods and train others to create positive and lasting relationships as we continue to expand our programs.

CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCCESS: Immediate Ways to Get Your Whole BSA Team to Provide the Best

These are practical and powerful techniques to lead and train for maximum service performance, to satisfy those we serve and reach new people as well. Motivate and teach yourself and your colleagues the most important things to do to provide great service to others and within our own team. Learn exactly what to say and do to build positive relationships with those we serve. Deal calmly and professionally with conflict, upset people, and problems. Use creative, unique activities to get our teams “onboard.”


You’ll use these terrific techniques every day to build more open communication, which in turn increases growth and program improvement. Reduce talk behind backs. Increase expression of what people really think, creating an environment where it’s safe to present new and different ideas. Handle generational and other differences using superb skills. Boost everyone’s ability to be more flexible and open to change.

DUMP THE DISSING: How to Stop Put-Downs & Other Disrespectful Behavior

Our culture must be respectful, especially as the diversity of our participants grows. But how do we make this happen? This unique session demonstrates exactly what to say and do to confidently handle some of the most important negative behaviors, including name-calling, teasing, verbal and non-verbal bullying, and other disrespectful behavior. Train others to be professionally “on” this issue. Increase your credibility so that everyone listens to us the first time about not only this subject, but other undesired behaviors.

TERRIFIC TRAINING TECHNIQUE: Outstanding Activities & Methods for Immediate Use

The author of the nationally number one best-selling training books in camp demonstrates easy-to-use techniques and tested activities that you can immediately plug into existing training for camp and all BSA programs. These are original and powerful methods you won’t find anywhere else that will boost staff learning, participation, motivation, and attention. Teach communication, leadership, and other essential skills that adults must know and use to make our programs successful.

For more information about Michael and to see his full “normal” and, in true Michael fashion, his “abnormal” biography visit www.michaelbrandwein.com 

We hope you will make plans now to join us on November 5-6. Register online today! Space is filling fast! https://www.scouting.org/outdoor-programs/2021-national-outdoor-conference/