2020 National Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Conference Registration

July Conference Update!

The registration for the 2020 National Outdoor Ethics and Conservation Conference is now open and has been updated to include four outstanding pre-conference opportunities:

  • BSA Certified Angler Instructor
  • Project Learning Tree workshop
  • Council Outdoor Ethics Advocate Workshop
  • Tread Lightly! Tread Trainer Session

The early registration fees will be in effect until September 14th. When you register, you will select one of three housing options:

  1. Conference attendance with personal tent/hammock or offsite accommodations is $175.00
  2. Conference attendance with a camp tent with cot is $193.00
  3. Conference attendance with a cabin bunk (4 per cabin) is $200.00

Registration Link: https://occoneechee.tentaroo.com/event/4573/17836/2020-National-Outdoor-Ethics-Conference

You will be brought to the login page and will need to create an account. It will then automatically take you to the OE registration.

Regular registration will begin on September 15th and will end on October 14th. The pricing for each option will increase by $50 per housing choice, so register early!

Since we are still working on the workshop offerings for the conference, anyone who registers before we get them finalized and loaded into the registration system will have to revisit the registration site to sign up for workshops.

Information will be updated regularly on the website (http://outdoorethics-bsa.org/OEConference/) and the Facebook Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/SROEConference/).