Procedures to Use Public or Private Property for a Shooting Sports Range

The Private Property Approval for Shooting Sports by Units, Districts, and Councils is a new work sheet you must use to determine if a public or private land is suitable for use as a shooting sports range. Download the work sheet here. The local council may, upon the recommendation of an NRA chief range safety officer, approve a non-BSA property or other range for use by local Boy Scout troops and Venturing crews. The work sheet and standard operating procedures for the range must be completed before approval can be considered by the local council.

The local council camp is still the recommended choice for shooting sports programs. However, this new procedure provides flexibility to those troops, teams, and crews that are a long distance from a council camp.

This applies to:

  • District and council activities and programs 
  • Scouts BSA troops
  • Venturing crews

NOTE: Cub Scout BB gun ranges are NOT part of this procedure. BB gun ranges are addressed in the Shooting Sports Manual and national camp standards.