GPS and Mobile Map Applications

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Did you know that many of our leaders rely on GPS and mobile map applications for directions to just about everywhere, including your camps?

Traditionally, we have relied on written directions such as: ”Take Highway 86 East out of Big Boot, Texas. Turn right at the filling station. The camp sign is on the right.” We have used photocopies of photocopied hand-drawn maps. 

Today, leaders, parents, and participants want to be able to check out what the drive will be like with digital tools such as Google Maps. They want to see how far they need to go and what their route may look like. They like to be able to see what is around the area and may even view the camp on Google Earth or some other mapping and aerial photo program.  

Here is a BSA website with traditional directions:

Here is a BSA website with searchable directions: .

Look at your own council’s website and see if you provide the information your customers want and need with regards to maps and directions to camp.