National Conservation and Environment Task Force

The role of the Boy Scouts of America’s National Conservation and Environment Task Force is to ensure that the conservation and environment program emphasis is properly maintained throughout the Scouting program, and to ensure that adequate resources are available to support local councils as they effectively and sustainably manage the natural resources associated with council properties. The National Conservation and Environment Task Force consists of members who are subject matter experts and partners from federal land management agencies and environmental non-government organizations. A Scouting volunteer advocate representing each of the four BSA regions serves on the national task force and works to ensure the transfer of information between local councils, areas, regions, and the task force.

Members of the BSA National Conservation and Environment Task Force for 2018

Mark Rey Task Force Chairman, Michigan State University
Erica Austin National Park Service
Werner Barz U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Tim Beaty USDA Forest Service, retired
Wayne Bogovich USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service
Doug Blankinship Bureau of Land Management
Patrick Bowen BSA Central Region Representative
Rich Brame National Outdoor Leadership School
Scott Cameron Reduce Risks Invasive Species Coalition
Lewis E. Gorman III U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Clark D. Guy National Park Service, retired
Earl W. Hower Izaak Walton League of America
Michael Huneke USDA Forest Service, BSA Northeast Region Representative
George McDonald National Park Service
R. Max Peterson USDA Forest Service, retired
Frank Price U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance
Robert Radspinner West Virginia Division of Forestry, retired
Mark Rose BSA Southern Region Representative
James Schwartz                USDA Forest Service
Jim Shiner U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Gary Stolz U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, retired
George E. Tabb Jr. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, retired
Mark W. Truax Scouting volunteer
Rick Williams, Ph.D. Fisheries-Conservation-Genetics, BSA Western Region Representative
Brian R. Gray Boy Scouts of America, Outdoor Program Coordinator


Have questions?  Send an email to the National Conservation Task Force, your regional task force representative or the national Hornaday committee at [email protected].