Develop an Itinerary

An itinerary serves as a blueprint of your trek. Once you have the plan on paper, you may discover that it’s easy to see what meals you will want to prepare and what equipment you will need to take. You won’t be likely to forget essential details like transportation arrangements to and from the area. An alternate plan should be devised for every itinerary in case of interruption by unexpected events.

Create a Trip Plan

When your crew arrives at a consensus of what your itinerary and alternate plans will be, write them down and include a full description of your intended route, where you plan to camp, and what time you will return. A trip plan lets people know where you are going and when you intend to return. Be sure everyone understands the plan, and then stick to it.

Know Where to Find Help

Plan a course of action in advance. Determine the location of the nearest medical facility and how to evacuate an injured member. In case of an emergency, think of the home contact person and who will pay the cost of evacuation if one is necessary. Operate within your training and abilities. Think about emergency communications and plan for the unexpected. Have an emergency action plan and use Passport to High Adventure to help you and your crew have the ultimate high adventure.

Utilize the Comprehensive and Useful Appendix

The appendix to Passport to High Adventure includes many helpful forms and resources that make planning an outdoor adventure go smoothly. For your convenience, the forms provided are meant to be reproduced at the local level.