Shared Responsibilities

Some International Department Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the program among local councils, other national Scout associations, and International Camp Staff members.

  • Purchase accident and illness insurance to cover International Camp Staff members from their time of arrival at camp in the United States until their departure from the camp.

  • Coordinate the program with the U.S. State Department.

  • Provide documents for counselors to secure a U.S. visa.

Some Local Council Responsibilities

  • Pay the BSA the agreed International Camp Staff fee, due at time of application.
  • PAY THE INTERNATIONAL COUNSELOR A SALARY COMMENSURATE WITH WHAT IS PAID AN AMERICAN COUNSELOR WITH SIMILAR SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, AND JOB RESPONSIBILITIES. (See Federal Register 22CFR62.30(f), Participant Compensation.)┬áIt is best to offer no less than $150 per week as participating in this program can be expensive for many internationals.

  • Provide the counselor with housing and meals from the time of his or her arrival in the council area until the end of camp; rooms and meals can be at camp or home hospitality. Please note that hosting counselors in private homes is not considered an official Scouting activity and, therefore, homeowners will not be covered under BSA insurance.

  • Provide the international counselor a variety of appropriate cross-cultural activities that will ensure the counselor will receive the broadest exposure to American society, culture, and institutions. (See Federal Register 22CFR62.8(d), Cross-cultural Activities.)

  • Meet the International Camp Staff member upon his or her arrival in the designated U.S. contact city.

  • Immediately contact the International Department when the International Camp Staff counselor arrives, does not report at the appointed arrival time, or leaves camp before the appointed departure time. Even though you may have agreed with your counselor to a later arrival or earlier departure, you must share these agreements with the International Department as program start and end dates are monitored by the State Department.

Some International Camp Staff Member Responsibilities

  • Be available to serve in the assigned BSA camp for the agreed period of time and take part in staff training.

  • Live by the morals, culture, and laws of the United States.

  • Be able to speak, understand, and read English sufficiently to perform as a camp counselor.

  • Be prepared to teach songs, games, and Scouting skills from his or her home country and to inform BSA Scouts about his or her home country.

  • Leave the United States by the time his or her temporary visa expires.

  • Arrange and pay for transportation to and from the U.S. contact city, and inform the BSA International Department of travel plans.

  • Abide by the decision of the camp director as to specific camp staff assignment.

  • Adhere to the rules and regulations of the camp as applied to the entire staff and fulfill the job assignment to the best of his or her ability.