Local Council Checklist

Checklist Before Arrival:

  • Email or phone your International Camp Staff member as soon as you have submitted the acceptance paperwork to the International Department to introduce yourself.

  • Enclose in your email a suggested equipment list. Add or delete items to meet your local operation.

  • Send general information on your camp, their proposed camp assignment, and your area of the United States. The more information you send, the more secure the counselor will feel.

  • Send instructions for taking Youth Protection Training and any other training necessary for those serving as camp staff members at your camp.

  • Be sure that the staff member has one or more correct telephone numbers to call upon arrival in case he or she cannot find the contact point or contact person.

  • Arrange a host family who would receive the counselor several weekends during the term of service. Ensure that the host family is aware that they are not covered by BSA insurance.

  • Solicit the assistance of your council’s international representative. They can assist with arrival, home hosting, departure, etc.

  • Alert the International Department if the proposed camp dates change, especially if the counselor is arriving more than a week late or you are shortening the program end date, as that affects their visa and grace period.

Checklist Upon Arrival

  • Meet and greet the staff member at the airport or bus station.

  • Call or email the International Department (972-580-2405 or to announce that your International Camp Staff counselor has arrived.

  • Once the counselor’s arrival has been reported to the International Department, wait at least three business days to bring the counselor to your local Social Security office to apply for a Social Security card.

  • Brief the staff member on your council and camp, camp community, staff policies, and procedures.

  • Reaffirm the salary to be paid and how it will be paid. Assist in cashing paychecks. Arrange a tour of the campsite, pointing out all facilities the counselor will be using during his or her stay.

  • Explain the counselor’s full job responsibilities and introduce him or her to the rest of the staff.

  • Be sure to include tours of the surrounding area, local museums, amusement parks, etc., to provide the international counselor the broadest exposure to American society, culture, and institutions.

Checklist Following Camp

  • Provide any needed assistance for the counselor to confirm return transportation.

  • Arrange any needed post-camp local home hospitality for the counselor.

  • See that the counselor has transportation to the departure terminal.

  • Remind the camp counselor to complete the personal evaluation survey that will be emailed to them by the International Department.

  • Complete your evaluation survey of the camp counselor via the email that will be sent to you by the International Department.