Local Council Guide – International Camp Staff Program

Objectives of the Program

The International Camp Staff program operated by the Boy Scouts of America is a special plan for camp program enrichment. It provides an opportunity for local councils throughout the nation to invite qualified Scouters from other countries to be a part of their Scout camp and/or Cub Scout camp programs. The U.S. State Department has designated the Boy Scouts of America as a sponsor of this program.

The International Camp Staff program provides BSA members and Scouters from other countries an international exchange of mutual benefit. Its aim is to allow members of the Boy Scouts of America to learn firsthand about the country, culture, customs, and Scouting program of a Scout leader from another part of the world. In return, the American Scouts provide the visiting Scout leaders the same opportunities to learn about the Boy Scouts of America and the United States. The program is an in-depth international Scouting experience for Scouts and leaders.

To apply, please complete the application and submit to the International Department.

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Shared Responsibilities


General Information


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