World Scout Jamboree Stories: Cafe USA

Café USA - More than just
Burgers and Fries

Seth Griffith’s reflection on his time as the Young Adult Food House (“Café USA”) Coordinator at the 2019 World Scout Jamboree

Way more than your typical small-town Café, USA! If you were walking down action point road during the 2019 World Scout Jamboree, you would have heard all the action, fun, and excitement happening in the USA Food House. Café USA had a multitude of options for any Scout and Scouter to choose! Besides the delicious Burgers and French Fries, you could partake in karaoke with a new friend from Belgium, start a “Just Dance” with a neighboring Scout from New Zealand, or even have a refreshing cup of Shaved Ice with an old friend of yours from the UK!

The logistics in planning Café USA was through the USA Contingent Management Team (CMT). These volunteers dedicated an extenuating amount of hours prior to, and during the Jamboree. Each adult volunteer of the USA CMT had a “young adult” counterpart in the organization processes. In this way, keeps a youthful and exciting skillset in the planning, and will continue to ensure the success of future worldwide scouting programs and events.

Having the opportunity in serving as the Café USA Food House Coordinator was a very rewarding experience prior to and during the 2019 WSJ. Each day there were an abundance of new Scouts wanting to experience what the Food House had planned up our sleeves. There were even a hefty number of individuals that would return each day to participate in a new Just Dance or show off their Scouting skills in a game of Kahoot!

Scouts singing in their native language, dancing to their traditional cultural songs, all united under a single tent that represented the 3.8 million square miles of the United States. As one of the many wonderful program events during the 2019 WSJ, Café USA welcomed all and brought life-long memories that Scouts from all across the world will never forget.


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