IR Vacancy Report

Council International Representative Vacancy Report

The following councils do not have an International Representative (IR) on file with our department. If your council is listed below, please nominate an IR to represent your council and help share all the wonderful international opportunities that are available!

Council International Representative Vacancies as of 03/05/2020


Blackhawk Area Council, 660
Gamehaven Council, 299
Great Rivers Council, 653
Greater St Louis Area Council, 312
Mountaineer Area Council, 615
Northeast Iowa Council, 178
Sagamore Council, 162
Samoset Council, 627
W. D. Boyce Council, 138


Black Warrior Council, 006
Central Georgia Council, 096
Colonial Virginia Council, 595
Mobile Area Council, 004
Norwela Council, 215
Pushmataha Area Council, 691
Rio Grande Council, 775
Sequoyah Council, 713
South Texas Council, 577
Tukabatchee Area Council, 005


Chief Cornplanter Council, 538
Five Rivers Council, 375
Garden State Council, 690
Green Mountain Council, 592
Hudson Valley Council, 374
Jersey Shore Council, 341
Seneca Waterways Council, 397
Westmoreland-Fayette Council, 512


Alameda Council, 022
Cascade Pacific Council, 492
Great Southwest Council, 412
Inland Northwest Council, 611
Oregon Trail Council, 697
Southern Sierra Council, 030