3rd Interamerican Scout Moot FAQs

Moot Definitions

Contingent— Each country sends one national contingent that includes all those attending the Moot from that country. Each contingent has a contingent leader who leads the national contingent to the Moot.

Patrol— A patrol is made up of 10 participants from several different countries, with a maximum of two participants per country. The patrol remains together as a unit throughout the Moot.

Participant— Is a young person who is from 18 to 25 years of age, member of an NSO and attends the III Interamerican Scout Moot as part of a National Contingent (Delegation). Young people, men and/or women will be grouped in international teams of 10 members.

Contingent Staff or CMT (Contingent Management Team)— The team responsible for its own delegation or contingent.

International Service Team (IST/EIS)— Adults or young adults, both men and women, over 25 years old, and members of a national contingent or delegation who have applied to be the International Service Team (IST/EIS). The IST carry out some of the scheduled tasks of the III Interamerican Scout Moot. IST members of a contingent can not exceed the number of young participants. IST/EIS arrival must be in the morning of July 26th and the departure will be from the morning of August 6th. All meals will be included.

Contingent or National Contingent— The group of young participants, members of a contingent or contingent staff and members of the International Service Team (IST/EIS), of the same National Scout Organization.

Head of Contingent— Adult appointed by each NSO that represents a National Contingent and with whom Moot’s Organizing Commission exchanges information. The Head of Contingent is a volunteer adult, active NSO member over 25 years old and accredited as such by his NSO.