Carijam2020 participation

BSA Participation in Carijam2020

Caribbean Jamboree hosted by the Scout Association of Trinidad and Tobago

Carijam has been postponed until 2021
by the event organizers

Scouts and Leaders from the BSA are invited to participate in Carijam, a Caribbean jamboree hosted by the Scout Association of Trinidad & Tobago.

Event will be held in 2021 - Details TBA

There will not be a centralized National Contingent from the BSA – to participate, Scouts and Leaders must form their own patrols of 10 (2 Adults, 8 youth) and register and pay as a patrol. The Carijam Host Team has requested all national involvement to be grouped in patrols of 10. A unit or local council may choose to send a Troop of 40 (consisting of 4 patrols of 10), but individual registrations will not be permitted. 

While there will not be a centralized contingent, patrols will have to opportunity to connect with other patrols once registered. All arrangements, including transportation and tours will be the responsibility of the patrol, troop or local council. The International department will process registration and provide an accident and sickness insurance rider for those participating in Carijam2020, but the rest is up to you!

About Carijam + Program

A little about Carijam 2020: Incredible Adventure

From Carijam 2020, Bulletin 1:

Scouting is all about adventure. In Scouting, as in life, adventure takes on many meanings: high adventure, learning, camaraderie, and simply being part of something bigger. An “Incredible Adventure” awaits you in the summer of 2020. The 16th Caribbean Scout Jamboree will be held in Trinidad and Tobago from July 12-20, 2020. The Caribbean Jamboree will offer participants a full Scouting experience, creating opportunities for high adventure, personal growth and brotherhood like no other region can. This is not merely a theme and a logo for the Jamboree, but a call to a way of life. To Live Scouting’s Adventure is to be fully invested in the experience, the thrill, and the purpose Scouting offers, not only to ourselves, but also to our communities and to the world. So get ready to experience the Incredible Adventure that is Scouting and the Caribbean.

Carijam 2020 Program

The Jamboree will start with the Opening Ceremony on July 12th, 2020 and will last until July 20th. Our Youth Programme will contain 10 programme modules; the International Day, the
Inter-Religious Ceremony, Spiritual Development Zone and many more activities rooted in the life of the Caribbean Jamboree. Additionally, we are going to have a complementary programme designed for the International Service Team.

Our concept of the main programme modules includes 4 off-site modules and 6 on-site modules. Educational activities to be carried out as part of our modules will be supported by public benefit organizations, academic clubs and other NGOs
supporting our objectives.

Meanwhile, the off-site modules are to be supported by the local communities in order to give a positive impulse to the region and to let Scouts and Guides discover and explore the amazing history and culture of the Caribbean and Trinidad and
Tobago in particular.

Location + Travel Notes

The Location: Trinidad & Tobago

Carijam 2020 will be held in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago, the southernmost island in the Caribbean.
‘Trinbagonians’ are also proud of our hospitality and the unique mixture of different cultures which have resulted from our animated history. After its discovery by Columbus in 1498, the islands were a sought after bone of contention between the colonial powers of Spain, France, Great Britain and the Netherlands. Columbus gave Trinidad its name, which means ‘Trinity’ in Spanish. In 1889, the islands of Trinidad and Tobago were consolidated under British control.

Comprising a mix of descendants of people from American Indian, African, East Indian, European, Middle Eastern and Chinese origin, Trinidad and Tobago’s diversity is reflected in our vibrant culture through our food, festivals, customs and general way of life. Our most famous festival is the annual Carnival, the second largest Carnival in the World. The biggest part of its allure is that anyone can purchase a masquerader’s costume and participate in the 2 days of revelry on the streets. Both islands have developed reputations for incredible fusion cuisine, which reflect our multicultural heritage.

T&T is home to the greatest show on earth, Carnival; Calypso and Soca music; the only major musical instrument to be invented in the 20th century, the Steel Pan; the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world, the Pitch Lake in La Brea; 480+ bird species and much more…

Getting to Carijam 2020

How do I get to Trinidad and Tobago? Several major airlines make regular and chartered flights to Trinidad’s Piarco International Airport (code: POS) and Tobago’s ANR Robinson International Airport (code: TAB).

Arrival Airport: Piarco International Airport (27km/17 miles from Port of Spain) will be the official arrival point for contingents for the Jamboree. Ground transport will be provided from this Airport.
Flying time

Direct flying time from major connecting points to POS are: Jamaica (2.5 hours), Grenada (40 mins); Barbados (1 hours); St. Lucia (1 hour); London, UK (9.5 hours); New York City, USA (4.5 hours); Miami, Orlando or Ft Lauderdale (3.5 hours); Panama (3 hours).

Trinidad and Tobago Entry Requirements: Visas are generally not required for visits up to 30 days. For leisure related visits of up to 90 days, visas are not required for citizens of Caricom countries (except Haiti), the United States, European Union states and countries in the British Commonwealth, except for: Australia, Cameroon, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, India, Latvia, Lithuania, Mozambique, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda. Visitors arriving in Trinidad and Tobago within five days of leaving an area with yellow fever must present a vaccination certificate.
For further information you may visit:

Pricing + Registration

Pricing and Registration

We’ve received feedback that sometimes BSA Contingent trips tend to be expensive – We’ve created an option that’s a budget-friendly alternative. To minimize cost, we’ve removed as much overhead as we could and put you (or your patrol) in the driver’s seat. This new model will only cover registration for the event and insurance – the rest is up to you.  

The cost will equate to $3,000 per patrol (or $300/person) to include 2 adults and 8 youth and will cover the contingent fee that is required by the Carijam Host Team.

Patrol Registration

Group of 10: 2 Adults, 8 Youth
$ 3000 Per Patrol ($300/Person)
  • Inlcudes Standard BSA Insurance Coverage
  • Patrol responsible for Travel and Logisitics
  • No Individual Registration - Patrol only

Suggested Patrol Payment Schedule

Time of Registration – $500

1/31/2020 – $500

2/28/2020 – $500

3/31/2020 – $500

4/30/2020 – $500

5/15/2020 -$500

International Service Team

Adults 18+
$ 300 Adults (18+) only
  • Inlcudes Standard BSA Insurance Coverage
  • IST responsible for their own travel
  • Individual Registration

Suggested Payment Schedule

Time of Registration – $100


2/28/2020 – $100


4/30/2020 – $100


Travel Safety + Planning

Travel Safety and Planning

Since this event will require individual patrols to plan the travel and logistics for the event, we suggest using The Adventure Plan(TAP). More information about TAP can be found at:

Additionally, make sure to check out the Guide to Safe scouting when planning. check HERE for the most up-to-date information.