European Scout Voluntary Program

Through the European Scout Voluntary Program, young leaders from the Boy Scouts of America have the opportunity to learn more about Scouting in Europe by working at a European Scout center.

Framework of the Typical European Scout Center

Scout centers in Europe do not operate in the same way that BSA camps do. The staff members of a typical European Scout center are usually involved in many different aspects of operating the center rather than specializing in one particular area. This is different from the situation in a BSA camp, where staff members are usually assigned to a particular activity or skill with which they work for the majority of their time at camp. In addition, Scouting in Europe normally operates on a coeducational basis, with males and females having the opportunity to be equally involved at all levels.

How to Apply

All participants in the European Scout Voluntary Program must be between 18 and 30 years of age and must be volunteers registered with the Boy Scouts of America. To ensure that the experience is worthwhile, participants should be prepared to commit themselves to work for a minimum of six weeks.

Before applying, you should be certain that you wish to take part in this program. If you are accepted by a site and then “drop out,” that could cause problems for that particular site, as it will prevent other youth from having the opportunity to take part in the program.

For information regarding available centers, please go to Throughout that page, you’ll access the initial information about the staff program offered by the participating sites. However, it is then up to you to contact the sites for more specific information, and then to complete the relevant application process for the chosen site.

Travel Costs and Insurance

Well before traveling, make sure that you have a valid passport for your time abroad. Visit the passport section of for information on how to obtain or renew your passport. You should also check whether you need a visa to volunteer in the country where your site is located. You can visit the international travel section of the same website for country-specific visa information. It is of the utmost importance that you secure these travel documents early, as it can take several weeks to months to obtain them.

Also, be sure to secure travel insurance for your time abroad. Your primary insurance may not cover any accidents or sickness outside of the United States, so be sure that you have accident and sickness coverage while your are at your European Scout Center.

It is the responsibility of the participants to pay for their own travel to and from the Scout center; however, the European Scout Region offers a travel reimbursement at the end of the camp assignment. According to each year’s budget, the amount that will be reimbursed can vary, but as a general rule, they aim to cover a minimum of 30 percent of the overall travel costs. The reimbursement will be made through your Scout center.