Council International Representative

Position Concept

In cooperation with the council leadership, the council international representative sets up a communications and organizational plan that will make it possible to keep the council membership informed of the opportunities for program enrichment in the area of international Scouting.

Position Qualifications

The individual should have, or wish to acquire, an active interest in the program enrichment values of international Scouting as a means of advancing the ideal of world brotherhood and providing extraordinary Scouting activities for Scouts and Venturers. The representative must be a registered member of the Boy Scouts of America, maintain current Youth Protection Training, and should have sufficient stature within the council structure, preferably membership on the council executive board, to be able to work at the various levels of the council operation involved in unit service. The appointee should familiarize themselves with the International Department website,, which contains information that would assist them in their role.

Position Duties

  1. In coordination with the council leadership, make an effort to see that an international emphasis is included in unit and council programs. We encourage the individual to organize a council international committee and to hold regular meetings. Be sure the committee has representation from all levels of the council as well as has youth representation.
  2. Become familiar with all international program enrichment services available to councils, such as the International Scouter’s Award; International Spirit Award; European Scout Voluntary Program; International Camp Staff program; council international camporees; international Scout exhibits at councilwide events; international training seminars for adults; world jamborees; and other National Scout Organization (NSO) events.
  3. Promote and assist with the recruitment of prospective Scouts to the European Scout Voluntary Program. Be sure to have a screening process in place as well as an orientation focused on representing the BSA in another country for the approved applicant.
  4. Promote and assist council leadership with the arrival, hosting, and departure of any international Scouts participating in the International Camp Staff program.
  5. Promote and assist council leadership with world Scout jamboree recruitment.
  6. Advise and assist unit leaders who are planning international activities. Promote and assist the local council with the nomination of quality youth and adults to represent the BSA in tours and exchanges with other NSOs.
  7. Promote and conduct World Friendship Fund collections at summer camps, blue and gold banquets, training courses, etc.
  8. Be familiar with the Citizenship in the World merit badge and consider being a merit badge counselor for this merit badge.
  9. Promote and assist with planning and participation in the Jamboree-on-the-Air and Jamboree-on-the-Internet.

The Scout executive of a council is responsible for nominating a new council international representative. This nomination should be submitted using the Council International Representative Nomination Form and sent to the International Department at