The Driver’s Pledge

  • I will not text or talk on my phone while I am driving. Texting and talking take my eyes off the road, hands off the ¬†steering wheel, and my mind off what I am doing.
  • I will put my phone in my backpack or in the glove box before I get behind the wheel. I will only check it when I have safely parked the vehicle.
  • I will not become distracted by things going on inside and outside the vehicle. I will concentrate on my driving and my travel plans.
  • I will not drive when I feel fatigued. I realize that when I am fatigued, I process information more slowly and less accurately and this impairs my ability to react in time to avoid accidents.
  • I will arrange my schedule so that several days before a Scout “driving trip,” I will get a good night’s sleep every night to avoid the cumulative effect of not getting enough sleep.
  • I will make trip preparations far enough in advance so that last-minute preparations don’t interfere with my rest.
  • I will make travel plans and drive only during the part of the day when I know I will be alert.
  • I will be smart about engaging in physical activities during Scouting outings and will make sure that I will be ready to drive alertly.

I am the only person who can make these decisions for me. I will:


  1. Follow this driver’s pledge.
  2. Be risk ready.
  3. Do everything that I can to keep Scouts safe.

Download the Risk Zone Driver’s Pledge

Download the Risk Zone: Transporting Scouts Safely