Youth Protection Champions

April is Youth Protection Month, and Youth Protection Begins with You!™

A recent survey of councils revealed there is a need for a youth protection-specific volunteer. Volunteers and council staff want someone as their go-to person for youth protection. To answer the call, the national Youth Protection Committee has developed a new program to assist everyone in the BSA with youth protection.

This important volunteer will be known as the Youth Protection Champion. Not only will there be Champions at the unit level, but also at the district, council, area, and region levels. Their role is to be the key drivers of youth protection at their assigned levels within the BSA. One important goal is provide and encourage Youth Protection training for all members and parents to insure everyone is aware of their responsibility to keep Scouting youth and all youth safe. Other tasks will include disseminating initiatives, programs, and communications at all levels.

These positions are appointed for a one-year term, or longer if needed, based on qualifications and work-related fields. This program and more information will be coming soon. Readers should remember that protecting our youth and providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone is The Main Thing!