April Is Youth Sports Safety Month

April is Youth Sports Safety month—a time to insure that participation is always done in a manner that reduces the risk of injury.

  • Always make sure there is proper instruction in the rules and techniques necessary to engage in the sport. Proper supervision is necessary to avoid potentially dangerous behavior.
  • Equipment appropriate to safely playing the sport should always be used, including shoes, padding, and especially helmets when indicated. The risk of obtaining a concussion from a head injury can be great and lead to long-term health ramifications and emotional and cognitive problems.

Sports provide wonderful opportunities to get exercise and learn about teamwork and leadership. They should always be done in a safe manner.

We encourage leaders who may be thinking about playing sports to review the Guide to Safe Scouting, Sports and Activities, which begins with the Sweet 16 of BSA Safety during the planning process for any adventures with which they are not familiar.

Additional information on youth sports injury prevention can be found on external websites such as www.webmd.com and www.cdc.gov.