Shooting Sports and FAQs

Shooting sports are exciting and fun for Scouts of all ages, and our Cub Scout and Webelos day camps and resident camps are just around the corner. Please make sure that your staff is properly trained on how to operate a safe shooting sports program. Do your ranges have currently certified BB gun and archery Rangemasters? Do you know if the approved BSA safety training is taught to the Cub Scouts and Webelos before they shoot? If you don’t already have the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual, you can download it here.

This manual contains the BB gun and archery Rangemaster training, the safety training for Cub Scouts, and the requirements to operate a well-run program. Please note that Cub Scouts and Webelos can only shoot BB guns and archery at council- or district-sponsored events and not on a pack or den level. 

For Webelos Scouts only, the use of pellet air rifles is allowed, but this activity is restricted to a council resident camp setting in which the range is on council-owned property. The range must be supervised by a National Camping School shooting sports director or an NRA rifle instructor per eight shooters instead of a BB gun Rangemaster.

Why not ask your shooting sports committee to help organize year-round council-sponsored shooting events for your Cub Scouts and Webelos that will help in your recruitment and retention efforts? 

Additional shooting sports FAQs can be found at this link.