Shooting Sports Safety

Summer is here, which means more youth will be heading to the range to enjoy shotgun, rifle, and muzzleloading shooting, plus pistol shooting for Venturers and Sea Scouts and archery for all Scouts.

Safety is our primary concern on any range, and the BSA has developed materials to ensure that your council can operate its ranges in a safe manner while offering an exciting program for our youth.

Consult the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual for shooting sports activities that are held outside of the council’s resident camp program. The manual can be downloaded here.

This manual contains the five levels of shooting activities for rifle, shotgun, pistol, and muzzleloading. Information needed to conduct your events in a safe manner is included within the five levels of shooting. Once you determine what type of shooting event you wish to offer, you will refer to the corresponding level of shooting to understand what the age requirements are, the firearm and ammunition that are permitted to be used, what the range requirements are, and of utmost importance, the safety training that is required to be taught to the Scouts before they shoot and the required range supervision to operate the particular range.

Shooting sports are very rewarding and popular with Scouts of all ages. Please remember to take the time to ensure that your program is well-organized and offers the Scouts a safe and enjoyable experience.