SHIFT Happens … Be Prepared to Move Quickly!

Scouting units from all over Southern California are encouraged to participate in the largest earthquake drill in American history.

To be prepared for the Great Southern California ShakeOut, scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, along with the California Geological Survey, Southern California Earthquake Center, and nearly 200 other partners in government, academia, emergency response, and industry, have created a scenario of an earthquake that will certainly hit with in the next 30 years but could happen at any time. Community awareness and preparedness will be critical for the well-being of pre- and post-disaster recovery. To “be prepared” will make the difference between a disaster and a catastrophe.

We’re asking your BSA local council to join Eagle ScoutParents of Southern California by logging on, signing in, and registering to be counted among the millions of other Californians as we learn how to “Be Prepared to Move Quickly.” NOTE: Many of your Scouts are already registered through their schools but are not currently identified as Scouts or part of a Scouting unit.

The Great Southern California ShakeOut

At 10 a.m. on November 13, join millions of Southern Californians in the ShakeOut Drill, the largest earthquake preparedness activity in U.S. history!

3.7 Million and Counting!

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What’s happening in your county:

Los Angeles / Orange
Riverside / San Bernardino
San Diego / Ventura
Imperial / Kern

The Great Southern California ShakeOut includes the ShakeOut Drill and other events to help us get ready for big earthquakes, and to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes. Go online to review what Boy Scouts of America can do.

Main Activities

ShakeOut Drill (November 13)

International Earthquake Conference (November 12-14)

Los Angeles Earthquake: Get Ready Rally (November 14)

Take One More Step (November 14-16)

In collaboration with Golden Guardian 2008 (November 13-18)

For more information or assistance, contact:

Eagle ScoutParents of Southern California – The Regional Associates for Scouting and Rotary for The Great Southern California ShakeOut – Erik Torgerson (818-219-8036) or Nathan Wolfstein IV (818-388-6664). When emailing, please include BSA ShakeOut in subject line – [email protected]. Web site: and