LDS Church Updates Safety Resources

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has not only updated its safety-related website, but it also released three new videos. The videos address real risks faced by anyone who uses the outdoors as a classroom. They cover lightning safety, drowsy driving, and being physically prepared in a different approach than most safety videos.    

The three topics are very appropriate for any member of our Scouting family as motor vehicle incidents continue to be our most frequent and severe type of claims. Meanwhile, cardiac-related conditions in adults are the No. 1 reason we receive fatality reports, and lightning will continue to be a threat to anyone in our outdoor classroom when thunderstorms are present.   

Each of the videos is about four minutes long and can be downloaded for offline presentations—they would make a great safety moment to start your next roundtable. The Safety and Health Media Library gets you directly to the videos. The Interview with Sam Cloud is a timely way to prepare for either a weather awareness or lightning safety campaign in 2015.

Scouting resources to assist with these risks include the following: