Traditional CPR Technique Still Official

Recently there has been much discussion about the compression-only (or “hands-only”) CPR technique. In the forthcoming months, this topic will be discussed by members of the Boy Scouts of America’s Health and Safety Committee, which oversees the BSA’s health- and safety-related policies and procedures. This committee also works closely with the American Red Cross and its BSA liaison to help ensure that such policies and procedures are the most appropriate for Scouting.

The compression-only technique may be suitable for some emergency situations. It is not, however, an all-encompassing method for every CPR-related circumstance. For example, drowning victims will still require mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, because they do not have enough oxygen in their blood. In addition, the compression-only technique should not be used for infants and children. There are other situations where the compression-only technique should not be applied.

Should the BSA Health and Safety Committee make any modifications to the existing policy, the new information will be posted on this website.