Guidelines for Using Cannons

Any time a cannon or other large bore artillery device is used for council or district events, the following guidelines must be met. These guidelines do not address shotgun or muzzleloader use. See the Guide to Safe Scouting for this. Units are not authorized, under any circumstances, to use a cannon or any other large bore artillery device.

All of the following requirements must be met under these guidelines:

  • All recommendations/specifications of the manufacturer for using the cannon or other device must be followed.
  • The type of powder used must be appropriate for the cannon or other device and the load cannot exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations or commonly accepted recommendations by firearms authorities.
  • Powder must be stored according to the regulations of the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms. (
  • The cannon or other device cannot be loaded with any type of projectile.
  • The cannon or other device must be certified safe annually by a qualified gunsmith with cannon or large bore artillery device expertise.
  • The standards of the American Artillery Association must be followed. (