Cope Effectively With Holiday Stress

While the holidays are often a time for families to gather and celebrate life and renew hopes for a better future, they can also represent a very stressful time. As with any situation, preventive steps are the most effective way to deal with potential stressors. Many strategies can be helpful at this time including the following:

  1. Effective time management allows one to plan ahead and not save everything for the last minute when it becomes more stressful. 
  2. Have realistic expectations and realize that long-standing problems are not magically corrected just because it’s the holidays. 
  3. Try not to overdo it whether in regard to food, spending, staying awake, or anything else. Moderation is the watchword in all things. 
  4. Know your limits and stay within them as it is very easy to try to do too much at this time. 
  5. Focus on the spiritual and relational aspects of the holidays rather than materialistic ones. 
  6. Realize that some depression is not unusual at this time and accept it for what it is. If it becomes more severe or pervasive, seek professional help. 
  7. Save time for yourself in order to relax and recharge. 
  8. Get outside yourself and try to do things to help other people.

Following these guidelines can help the holidays be more enjoyable for you and those around you. For more information, contact and