Hayrides and Holiday Parades

It’s officially fall … and the time for hay rides and holiday parades is just around the corner. 

The Sweet 16 of BSA Safety should be used in all of your parade planning. It’s important to remember that parades present unique hazards you might not normally encounter, such as moving vehicles and machinery, animals, fireworks, large and often unruly crowds, and the potential for thrown objects. Be prepared for weather conditions by checking reports and bringing suitable clothing and protection. 

These safety procedures and policies should be reviewed and followed:

  • Allow adequate space between marchers and any vehicles.
  • No walking next to or near floats or vehicles.
  • No riding on floats, truck beds, or trailers.
  • Designate a lookout to watch out for vehicles and other hazards.
  • Take head counts before, during, and after the parade. 

Check the Guide to Safe Scouting for other information, including specifics on Parade Floats and Hayrides.