Updated Annual Medical Forms

Are you prepared for 2010 activities with an updated Annual Health and Medical Record form?

Released in December 2008, the record went into effect on January 1, 2010. What does that mean to you, your unit, or your local council? It means everyone who participates in a Scouting event should have a current Annual Health and Medical Record, Parts A and C, completed. It also means that the Class 1, 2, and 3 medical records you have in your unit files need to be returned to their owners or securely destroyed. Have questions about the Annual Health and Medical Record? Before you call your council, take a look at our FAQs—where more than 95 percent of the questions we received over the last year have been answered.

Note: If you link to the Annual Health and Medical Record on your own Web site, please also link to the FAQs.

And remember, if you are planning a trip to one of our High Adventure Bases be sure to complete all of their requirements and medical records as well.

Have a great new year, and get those records updated before your next tour!