The Greatest Reason in the World to be a Scouting Volunteer

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Talk about a marathon Scouting volunteer run! With 70 years of Scouting under his belt, Lowell Fjalstadto is a volunteer VIP. That’s why  we’re continuing our month of  Scouting volunteer recognition by shining the spotlight Lowell’s way (and figuring out the awesome reason why he’s stuck around as a volunteer for so long). Remember, the month will culminate April 23-29 for Volunteer Appreciation week, when we will be recognizing your favorite Scouters each day. Get involved in the volunteer celebration by heading to Bryan on Scouting.

#ThankAScouter: A Scouting Volunteer Legend

For Lowell, it all started in Cub Scouts. According to GazetteXtra, the 79-year-old eventually advanced through the ranks to achieve Eagle Scout. Then, he became a Scoutmaster at 21. Since then, he’s worked with thousands of  youth.

Lowell Fjalstad has been part of Scouting for 70 years. First he was a Cub Scout. Now, he’s a dedicated volunteer. Photo Credit: Angela Major

  Assistant Scoutmaster Phil Batchelor said, “He’s totally involved in their academics, school activities, sports and other programs and attends a lot of their events both during the school year and summer. He works to make them be better citizens.” So what drives this lifetime volunteer to commit his time year after year? “I’ve always told people, when it ceases being fun, then I’ll get out, but I’m having a lot of fun. It’s like a hobby. If you like it, you stay with it,” he explained to GazetteXtra. You, too, can volunteer (and have fun in the process). To learn if becoming a Scouting volunteer is your calling, head to