Why Every Mom Should Experience Pinewood Derby

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When mom blogger Aubrey of A Mom’s Take shared her post “Why all boys should try a Pinewood Derby,” she showed why every mom should experience Pinewood Derby too.

The event is a Scouting staple and, sure, it’s enthralling to kids (Aubrey explains all about that). But for parents, the reward comes from seeing joy, accomplishment, and growth in your children as they participate in creating and racing a Pinewood Derby car.

And while racing the cars is a Scout-filled event, Pinewood Derby also offers parents a chance to work with their kids one-on-one to create something together. Moms and dads help design mini engineering and creative marvels as they assist their children in building Pinewood Derby cars. This time together adds up and remains a distinct memory for kids long after their Pinewood Derby days are behind them.

Aubrey explained, “Even though it did not win, whenever we talk about past Pinewood Derbies, the children always talk about the year dad and Rennon made the cool Batmobile.”

Win or not, the memories and knowing how you’ve helped your son grow and accomplish a quintessential Scouting milestone are long lasting. And while the event is often associated with father/son bonding, it’s a must for moms to experience a Pinewood Derby too.

Get your family in on the Pinewood Derby action and make lifetime memories. The first step is to learn more or sign up for Cub Scouts.