When Scout Parents Rock!

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This is a story of unexpected inspiration from an unlikely source: an automated email.

We recently sent one of our Cub Hub newsletters to many of you as a general update to the news and highlights of the past few weeks, and occasionally we get the typical, automatic “out-of-office” response in return. This time, however, we were absolutely delighted by this auto-response we got from one Scout Dad, which read as follows:

I am with my son at Scout Camp through Saturday, June 13.
I may peek at email but am really trying to completely unplug this week. If it is of an urgent matter, please feel free to text me at [number]…Thanks.

We couldn’t help but smile, and maybe even wipe a tear away. We do see, often in the smallest of ways, the sacrifices, the love and the incredible effort you put into making Scouting a great experience—not only for your Cub Scout, but for other Cub Scouts, and for your families. Cub Scouting truly involves the whole family, and we see time and again how important those bonds are that parents and children develop as they participate together in this organization.

We’re reminded of a photo we shared on Instagram last year, from a shop owner and Scout Dad in New Mexico, who closed up shop and left this note on the store-front window. (click to enlarge)

New Mexico Gone Fishing

Frankly, this is what it’s all about. Keep on inspiring us Scout parents, leaders and volunteers. We champion your efforts!

*Father and son fishing photo credit: @sweetmomentsintimephotography