What Makes Cub Scouts Worth It?

We took an unconventional turn last week for #CubChat, and if you missed it, this is definitely one recap you want to read in its entirety. As we typically do with #CubChat, we dive into an issue, an idea, a concept or an event and really have a fun conversation about resources and thoughts on whatever it is we’re talking about.

But last week we thought “hey, what is this all for anyway? Let’s talk about that!” And so we did! Why Cub Scouts? And what makes the effort and sacrifice that goes into things like Pinewood Derby, Day Camp, Blue and Gold, Scouting for Food, etc…what makes all that worth it? What makes Den Meetings and Pack outings week in and week out so rewarding?

We put the brakes on our typical #CubChat of “how” and instead, took a breath, and focused on the “why.” What we found out was that it’s an awfully important question to ask from time to time. The “why” serves as reminder for us, and something to remember when other people ask us (recruiting season, anyone?).

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As usual, you all really came through with some of the most beautiful, sweet, funny and thoughtful things to say about what makes Cub Scouts special for you, and more importantly, for your little Bobcats, Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos. Thank you for your selfless and tireless service. All of you are our daily inspiration as you “Do Your Best.”