What is Cub Scouts?

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What is Cub Scouts? What do Cub Scouts do? And what’s the mission of the program? The answer is actually pretty simple. Cub Scouts is a program within the Boy Scouts of America that serves youth from from 6 to 11 years old (with some locations piloting a program for 5-year-olds called the Lion Pilot Program). The Cub Scouts program aims to prepare youth to grow into self-reliant and dependable adults. Cub Scouts achieve this with a lineup of hands-on activities and adventures focused on:

  • Character Development
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Good Citizenship
  • Sportsmanship and Fitness
  • Family Understanding
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Personal Achievement
  • Friendly Service
  • Fun and Adventure
  • Preparation for Boy Scouts

To better understand how Cub Scouts fits into the Boy Scouts of America, check out our post: “Are Cub Scouts Part of Boy Scouts?”

What are Cub Scout Ranks?

Within Cub Scouting, kids go through different age-based ranks (think: Lion, Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos). Each rank challenges youth to complete milestones tailored to their age groups. To learn more about how ranks progress, read our post on the order of Cub Scout ranks. Cub Scouts complete activities with other kids their age. They also have opportunities to have fun alongside older and younger Scouts. This happens in packs and dens.

What Are Packs and Dens?

Cub Scouts are part of dens. These are small groups of Scouts who are in the same grade or are the same age. This is the group Cub Scouts meet most frequently. There are several dens in a “pack.” As packs meet, kids of a wider range of ages showcase what they’re learning in their dens. That means outdoor fun, skits, games, songs, and award ceremonies happen with a wide variety of Cub Scouts and their families. Cub Scouts have a lot of fun together and work alongside one another, their leaders, and their families to grow into well-rounded young men. As they work toward the culmination of the Cub Scout program, they are prepared to become Boy Scouts and face even more exciting challenges and adventures. For more information on what Cub Scouts do, reach out to your local pack.