What Drove This Scouter to Write a Letter to the Editor

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Not every town can boast three Cub Scout packs and six Boy Scout troops. That may seem like the reason Cubmaster Matt Higgins touted his city’s thriving Scouting community when he wrote to the Greater New Milford Spectrum. But he had another message in mind.

The letter is a call to families to get involved in a program that gets kids moving and doing, versus sitting and listening.

“Scouting isn’t a lecture about growing as a person, it’s a hands-on experience,” Higgins explained.

This enthusiastic Cubmaster further elaborated on the Boy Scouts of America’s youth-led approach. In the end, the reason Higgins wrote this letter to the editor is to share the outstanding benefits of Scouting for all kids.

Love Your Cub Scout Experience? Share It!

After you check out Higgins’ letter, we challenge you to think how a simple read like this can affect a community.

In his outreach, Scouting’s impact is demonstrated for those familiar and unfamiliar, alike. What’s more, Higgins’ point of view is that of a local level – his experience is one fellow parents can trust and hope to replicate.

If you know the value of the Cub Scout program, share it with someone in your town. Jot down or record thoughts in your own words – your experience sounds best coming from you.

Here are a few ideas of how to share:

  • Write a letter to your community news, like Matt Higgins.
  • Record a short, selfie-style video and send it to your moms group, co-workers, or fantasy league pals.
  • Share a Facebook update about the benefits of Cub Scouts, include a photo of your son in uniform (if you are comfortable posting his picture online).
  • Submit a short, fact-filled press release to your local newspaper about a recent service project your pack completed – be sure to loop in pack leadership for support.

And if all of that sounds daunting (we promise, it’s not), just share with us below. What has your Cub Scout experience been like, and how do you think the program can benefit other children? You may see your comment shared in a coming post.