The Adventures of a Well-Traveled Scout Pack

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Wearing a well traveled Scout Pack

The Well-Traveled Scout Pack

Look closely and you might recognize the red insignia on the vintage canvas bag below. But more than an old Scouting knapsack, this bag is a well-traveled, good-luck charm. That’s according to its owner, anyway. In an Instagram post, photographer and avid traveler Jacob Walker shared a photo of his cherished pack and had this to say about it: “My Lucky Pack: I’ve had this pack for 13 years now. I found it at a yard sale while living in England at the age of 11. It’s been my comrade when I camped on the beaches of Normandy and hiked countless other trails around the world when I was in the Boy Scouts of America.”

How We Carry Scouting’s Memories With Us

He then mentioned that he’d soon be hiking a segment of the Appalachian Trail and that he intended on bringing his lucky pack along on that adventure, as well. As for Jacob, his pack also reminds him of his time growing up with┬áScouting, and told us in an email, “I was in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts growing up and love the organization.” Check out Jacob’s photo gallery below to see some pretty fantastic shots of this road-worn pack still proudly bearing the logo of the Boy Scouts of America with the Motto, Be Prepared!

It’s pretty fantastic┬áto see that, while all of us carry our memories with us, some simply do it more literally than others.