Twitter #CubChat 12/3/2014 – Scouting Through the Holidays

Last week we threw our first ever Twitter chat party. And what a party it was! Everyone seemed to have a lot of fun! For us, we loved getting to know some of you Scout moms and dads, and dedicated Scout leaders out there a little better.

After every Cub Chat we’ll catalog many of the tweets you posted, along with the questions asked and resources shared, so that you can reference this topic in the months and years to come.

It’ll all be here on the Cub Hub for you to use.

Last weeks #CubChat was all about Scouting through the holidays, and keeping the momentum of your Den and Pack carried through all the way to the new year. We got our inspiration from this Scouting magazine article. Many other articles were shared and we saw many great tips and ideas from all of you in the Cub Scout Twitter community, what we affectionately call our “Digital Pack!”

Dive in to our Scouting Through the Holidays #CubChat below for the full recap and all the details, and be sure to join us on our future Twitter parties!