To Tell A Joke – The Funniest Way to #ShareScouting

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In case you missed it, August 16th was “National Tell A Joke Day.” Really? In Cub Scouting do we only get one day to tell a joke? We hardly think so! Even so, we thought in the spirit of this zany “holiday” we’d better not let an opportunity pass us by for a good chuckle!

So, what’s a pickle’s favorite game show? Give up? It’s “Dill, or No Dill!”

Still laughing? Well, they don’t stop there. Our friends over at Boys’ Life are the master purveyors of jokes told by and for Cub Scouts, and they churn out some pretty good belly laughs—or groans if it’s cheesy enough! Either way, we’re on board! What you may not know is that good humor and quality jokes are as connected to the Scouting tradition as is Lord Baden-Powell himself! In fact, his specific words were, “A boy is naturally full of humor.” Perhaps some of you parents and den leaders out there can confirm the truth of this. Baden-Powell also said “The real way to gain happiness is to give it to others.” And while happiness is much more than a well-timed joke, sharing a laugh is a great way to get that ball rolling. There’s even a Bear Adventure Pin called Roaring Laughter all about learning to use laughter as a bond with family and friends. It’s no joking matter, check it out! Forget about smelling the roses, take some time to stop and laugh. Find 2,000+ clean and kid-approved jokes at Boys’ Life. vacation And since it’s still summer, here are 21 of their funny summer vacation jokes, including the one about where sharks go on vacation. Hint: It’s Finland! (OK that was a really BIG hint!) Get it? Finland! Because sharks have fins! Ha ha ha!