This September, Bring a Friend to Scouting

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By now, you’ve probably seen the #ShareScouting hashtag and maybe (hopefully!) even used it on your own social networks to take part in the conversation. But really, what this recruiting season is all about is the simple idea┬áthat to #ShareScouting is to bring a friend. Sure we share scouting online by using the hashtag on our Instagram posts, or on Facebook and Twitter, that’s all part of the fun! But Scouting is all about making real life fun, too. So bring a friend to Scouting! It can be a natural, easy and super simple thing to do.

We want to merge the digital world with real social life and use the hashtag, #ShareScouting as a way to actually bring someone to a Scouting event, sharing the fun and the experience together! To do this, we need your help! If you’ve been using the #ShareScouting hashtag so far, keep it up! But as we make September a month to bring a friend with you to Scouts (or have your Cub Scout invite and bring a friend), we want to see the social proof of the real deal!

Bring a Friend Macros_IG11

Then share your photos with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram of how you #ShareScouting. As we grow our movement from coast to coast, you can check in on the hashtag to see the momentum of folks just like you, sharing Scouting with their friends and in their communities all across the country. Some of the best memories in life are the ones we spend with friends. Make your local Scouting unit full of friends, new and old, and build an adventure, together.

To review:

1. This month (September) invite a friend to a Scouting event, den or pack activity.

2. Share a photo of the event on our social channels using the hashtag #ShareScouting

3. (This part is new) Be entered to win ScoutStuff gift codes and prizes.

Needless to say, we’re so excited for this year’s recruitment season. We truly believe that the magic of Scouting is best experienced when shared. As you invite friends and encourage others in ways to #ShareScouting, the sky is the limit to how effectively we can continue to Build an Adventure. Let’s hop to it!

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