These Tiger Scouts Created a Little Free Library to Get Kids Reading

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You may have heard of an Eagle Scout building a Little Free Library or read about how to construct one on Boys’ Life. Now, Tiger Scouts in Raynham, MA, have constructed a Scout-themed library box to spread the literary spirit.

The Tiger Scouts built the shared mini-library near a pond central to the community. The mission behind the box is for readers to take a book, leave a book, or both.

As 7-year-olds (or first graders) in Cub Scouts, Tigers are tasked to work on an age-appropriate service project.

The Tiger Handbook explains, “One of the ways Tigers can be helpful is by doing something nice for someone else. This is called service.”

Den leader Jennifer Sharland guided the Scouts in their service project, citing it as a step to advancing to the Wolf rank. However, she also noted the Tiger Scouts’ incentive to build a Little Free Library is greater than advancement.

“I believe [reading] will take them places in their lives,” Sharland said to The Enterprise. “We wanted to share our passion for reading by making sure everyone has access to books.”

At the unveiling of the library box, two local authors came to read a book they co-authored to the children in attendance.

But long after the Little Free Library’s debut, the box and the adventures it holds for young readers will remain.

To get your kids involved in projects like this, learn more about Cub Scouts and find a pack in your city.


Photos: Jennifer Sharland