These Scary Stories are Sure to Please

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Book shelf of scary stories

Halloween Gems from the Pages of Boys’ Life (Part 3 – Scary Stories and Chilling Reads)

Spooky Books Offer the Right Amount of Delightful Fright

Few holidays invite us to delve into the dusty pages of a scary story the way that Halloween does in a way that sets the mood for the whole season. Boys’ Life has rustled up some spooky books that will leave your Cub Scouts howling…out of sheer joy, of course, with these books and stories about Halloween that are fun for the whole family to read. Get reading together, here.

If  it Doesn’t Give you Goosebumps, it’s not Goosebumps

Titan of children’s stories of the supernatural and super creepy, R.L. Stein sits down with Boys’ Life to give the dish on his 25+ year career of giving us, you guessed it, goosebumps. Read the interview here.

When Monsters Roam the Scouting Jamboree, They Aren’t Alone!

Combine the scary fun of Halloween with Scouting in one of Boys’ Life’s most popular original stories, from Brandon Mull in the Monster’s Jamboree. It’s got everything in it, from unsuspecting Scouts to monsters and, the best part, some of the best council patches you’ve seen for councils that may or may not exist. 😉 Read the whole story together as the perfect cap to a fun Halloween, tonight.

No Candy Corn Here, These Jokes Are Just Corny (in the Best of Ways)

You may laugh but most likely will groan at these Halloween jokes for your funny bone. Which is perfect, because groans will be most welcome on this garish and ghoulish of nights. Start your knee slappin’ here.

We at the Cub Hub hope you have a wonderful, safe and fun Halloween. Please let us know if you have any stand-out stories with Halloween and your Cub Scouts that might be worth saving for next year on the Cub Hub. Contact us at